Driving & Parking

Motorist Safety
  • You can drive on the streetcar tracks, but some streetcar tracks change lanes, so don't follow the tracks
  • Streetcars cannot stop quickly or maneuver out of the way, so give them lots of space
  • Based on special signals, the streetcar may move at different times than other traffic
  • Watch for streetcars before turning
  • Never block the track area
  • Do not drive on tracks in lanes marked "transit only," designated by white hashed lines
  • Do not cross double white lines

Single Solid White Lines
When parking along the route, motorists must keep all parts of their vehicle completely within the solid white line, including side-view mirrors. Be sure to look before opening your door. 

Streetcar Only Lanes

There are several streetcar only lanes along the route. The streetcar only lanes are marked with double white lines, a streetcar image and traffic sign.

Streetcar Signals
Special streetcar signals are located in several spots along the route where the tracks cross from one side of the street to the other. The signals direct the streetcar to begin traveling several seconds sooner than normal vehicular traffic so its operator may safely cross in front of the line of traffic.   


Don't get a fine...stay inside the line
It’s especially important for motorists to obey parking regulations along the route. The streetcar cannot operate efficiently or will be delayed if vehicles are in its way.
  • Do not park on streetcar tracks or track areas, blocking the streetcar is illegal
  • Do not drive, stop, park or cross over the double white lines with diagonals
  • Park outside the single solid white lines, including side-view mirrors
  • Do not park in a no-parking zone or in a truck unloading zone
  • Always look for streetcars before getting out of your vehicle and opening doors

Vehicles parked illegally may be towed and/or ticketed $50.