Please keep the following in mind so we can all enjoy the ride:

It’s the law
1.  You must have valid fare media to ride or be on station platforms.

2.  Present your fare media to inspector upon request.

3.  Don't hold or block the doors.

4.  Never cross in front of the streetcar.

5.  Don't ride bikes, skateboards or scooters on the station platform.

6.  No fighting, pushing or throwing objects.

7.  No open containers of food or drinks.

8.  No smoking, including vaping and e-cigarettes.

9.  No alcohol or illegal drugs.

10.  Use headphones for audio devices and keep volume low.

11.  Keep your feet off the seats.

12.  Take litter with you when you leave.

13.  Service animals assisting passengers with disabilities are welcome; please maintain control of the animal at all times.

14.  Do not use the emergency stop button unless there is an actual emergency.

Be streetcar safe
1.  Board only at streetcar stations.

2.  Closely supervise small children at all times.

3.  Unsupervised children must be old enough to ride without assistance.

4.  Never run for the streetcar.

5.  Hold on - streetcars can make sudden starts and stops.

6.  Move away from the doors… never lean on the doors.

7.  Don't distract the streetcar operator.

8.  Maintain control of all personal property.

9.  Cross streetcar tracks at right angle when riding bikes or scooters.

For courtesy to others
1.  Allow others to exit before you board.

2.  To get off at the next stop, press the stop request button… streetcar will not automatically stop at each station.

3.  Before arrival at your stop, move toward the doors.

4.  Take all of your belongings when you leave…we're not responsible for items left behind.

5.  Don't use an extra seat for your belongings.

6.  No profanity or offensive language.

7.  Shirt and shoes required.

8.  No soliciting on the streetcar or at stations.

9.  Share the ride; on free ride days, passengers are permitted to make no more than two complete, consecutive trips on the same vehicle before being required to exit the streetcar.

For accessibility
1.  Please keep designated priority seating areas open for older adults and passengers with disabilities.

2.  No securement necessary -- set your brake while streetcar is in motion.

3.  Please maintain control of service animals at all times.

4.  Board using the center doors when using mobility devices.

Allowed on the streetcar:
1.  Small, personal grocery carts (not grocery store carts)

2.  Bikes -- walk bike on and off the streetcar and hold onto your bike at all times

3.  Strollers do not have to be folded

4.  Luggage that you can control

5.  Small animals in pet carriers

Not allowed on the streetcar:
1.  No gas-powered bikes, scooters, skateboards or battery-powered hoverboards or Segways unless being used as electric personal assistive mobility devices by people with disabilities

2.  No weapons except as authorized by law

3.  No hazardous materials, like car batteries, gas containers

For extra security
1.  Security cameras in use at all times.

2.  Remove facial coverings and hoods (except small children or those observing religious or cultural customs.)

3.  In an emergency, use intercom to contact operator.

4.  If you see a suspicious package or activity, report it to the operator or police.

5.  Vandalism or willful destruction of streetcar property will be prosecuted.

6.  Uniformed police officers ride free