How To Ride

Riding the Cincinnati Bell Connector is the easiest way to experience Downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine.

1. Plan

  - Check out the route map and determine your desired destination.

  - Head to the nearest streetcar stop. 

2. Pay

  - Purchase a $1 two hour pass or a $2 day pass with the Cincy EZRide app on your
    smartphone or from the ticket vending machine located at each of the 18 stops. View
    additional pass options here.

  - Activate the pass in the validator slot on the ticket machine or on your smartphone
    before you board.

3. Ride

  - The fare inspector may ask to see your paper ticket or the pass on your
    smartphone after you board.

  - When approaching your stop, press the red stop button to signal to the
    operator that you are ready to exit.