Streetcar riders asked to push "open" button to enter and exit vehicle.
CINCINNATI – For the comfort of passengers during the winter weather months, riders are asked to press the “open” button on the streetcar doors to board and exit the vehicles.

Selecting which door you wish to enter and exit through will help regulate temperatures onboard and keep passengers warm. “Open” buttons are located on the interior and exterior of each door on the streetcar.

When the streetcar has come to a complete stop the light on the button will turn green indicating that the streetcar doors are unlocked and the button can be used to open the doors. If the light on the button is red that means that it is not safe to open the doors or the streetcar is getting ready to pull out of the station.

Additionally, the interior “open” buttons may be used as a stop request button when the green lights are off. This indicates to the operator that you wish to exit at the next station.

View a quick instructional video on how to use the streetcar here.

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About The Cincinnati Bell Connector

The Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar is intended to expand transportation options, stimulate development, and enhance livability by connecting downtown, the riverfront and Over-the-Rhine. It is owned and funded by the City of Cincinnati, managed by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, and operated by Transdev.

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