Electric Scooter Riders - Be Streetcar Safe

Don't ride between tracks; be sure to cross tracks at right angle
CINCINNATI – It seems like electric scooters are everywhere and that includes sharing the road with the Cincinnati Bell Connector.  In an effort to keep residents safe when riding electric scooters near streetcar vehicles and along city streets, here are a few safety tips:

·         Don’t ride scooters between streetcar tracks… it’s hard to cross the tracks safely from this angle to get out of the way of a streetcar

·         Cross the tracks at a right angle:  scooter tires can get caught in the gap next to the rail. Riders should try to cross streetcar tracks at as close to a right angle as possible.

·         Streetcar tracks can be slippery when wet, so use extra caution

·         Always wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding

·         Look and listen...never cross in front of a moving streetcar

·         Beware of the door zone – watch for motorists opening vehicle doors into your travel space as you pass; don’t swerve into the path of other vehicles or the track gap
Be sure to obey all traffic laws. Note: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on the sidewalk, doing so could result in a fine. See more details from the City of Cincinnati here.

About The Cincinnati Bell Connector

The Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar is intended to expand transportation options, stimulate development, and enhance livability by connecting downtown, the riverfront and Over-the-Rhine. It is owned and funded by the City of Cincinnati, managed by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, and operated by Transdev.

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